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The Successful Pitch interviews thought leaders, speakers and authors as well as successful startups who share their secrets in raising funding, Investors give inside tips on what they look for when they hear a pitch. Join your host, The Pitch Whisperer and author John Livesay as he provides insights on how to make your pitch compelling, easy to understand and inspiring. John is a keynote speaker on Getting To Yes and shares tips on going from invisible to irresistible to win new clients.
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Jun 7, 2017

Today's guest on The Successful Pitch is Pia Silva, who is the author of "Badass Your Brand." She has a book that goes into great detail about how to be a badass when it comes to branding, which is all about charging a premium price and getting your ideal clients to realize why they should work with you. And she said, you know when you pitch don't be vague. And you really need to not let the competition intimidate you, and really get people to see your value so that they are buying you as an expert, and not just your time. We go into a great detail about what a perfect pitch worksheet is. In fact, she gives the listeners a link on how to get it. So you want to be sure to listen and enjoy learning how to become a badass brand. Enjoy the episode.

May 31, 2017

Today's guest on The Successful Pitch is Dr. Mark Goulston who's written over seven books with great titles such as "Just Listen" and "Talking To Crazy." He said his whole intent is to heal the world one conversation at a time. I really love that. He said "When you talk with people, talk with them, not at them and not over them if you really want to have a successful pitch." One of the questions that we talk about is people are feeling when they hear your pitch is do I trust you not to hurt me? It's that whole fight or flight response that I talk about all the time. He's got a four-step process he's going to share on how to get people to say "I gotta have what you're pitching" and he really gives great insights on exactly what it takes to get people to connect with you when they not only feel like you've listened to them but as he describes you listen into them. Find out what that's all about. Enjoy the episode.

May 24, 2017

Today’s guest is Sam Morris who is the founder of Zen Warrior Training and if anyone has earned the right to call himself a zen warrior, it’s Sam. He is paralyzed from the waist down from a tragic accident caused by a drunk driver and he said, “While my legs are paralyzed, my mind is not.” When Sam talks about controlling how you react to circumstances and then how you think about what you can do in your life and not stop and not take excuses, he knows exactly what he’s talking about and faces challenges that most of us thank goodness we’ll never have to face but he’s faced them and has gone on to create a zen warrior training program, a keynote speaker and he really gives people insights into the tenacity and grit it takes to deal with whatever life gives you and figure out a way to make it happen. Enjoy the episode.

May 17, 2017

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Hilari Weinstein, who is a charismatic expert. She said you need to approach being charismatic from the inside out, not the other way, and the ability to draw others in, which is really what charisma is totally based on how authentic you are. She gives examples of people who are authentic and who are not. Most importantly, she said confident people are really better listeners because they don’t need to prove anything to other people. She goes into a deep dive in all the kinds of confidence that don’t support you and the way to get true confidence. Finally, she said if you don’t trust yourself, it’s probably because you’re not taking care of yourself. Enjoy her secrets on charisma and confidence, so when you get up to pitch, you’ll be at your best. Enjoy the episode.

May 10, 2017

Today’s guest is Jonah Sachs, the author of Winning The Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (And Live) The Best Stories Will Rule The Future. Jonah talks about the difference between inadequacy marketing and empowerment marketing and how to story to get people engage with your vision. He goes into great detail on whether or not we can use myths to our advantages or not; the myths that we’ve had around for years in our story telling. The more digital we become, he says, the more important storytelling becomes. He said, “If you want to get people to trust you, tell them a story of why you're so passionate about what you're doing.” Most importantly, he said if you want to be interesting, he has some real secrets on how to tell an interesting story that makes people want to learn.

May 3, 2017

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Laura Wagner, who is the CEO and founder of Digitzs, which is changing the way we are going to pay for things. She assembled an amazing team of people from Apple and PayPal and even Kevin Harrington who was one of the original Shark Tank judges. She said, “Everybody wants to be needed and wanted. If you trust and like and admire these people to get them on your team first, then you show investors who else cares about your idea.” She was able to raise millions of dollars on equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder, by having this amazing team of people who believed in her vision to raise money to get it built and now they're on their second round of funding and have their first revenue coming in.

Apr 26, 2017

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Michael O’Neal, who hosts a podcast called The Solopreneur Hour: Job Security for the Unemployable. He talks about when he creates a podcast episode that’s typically an hour long, he promotes it for four hours. That’s been one of the keys to his success. He’s got this amazing course called The Art of The Interview that I highly recommend you stay tuned and listen to. He really talks about his secrets of getting huge traction. One of them has to do with using social media smartly and the other is relationships, but from a place that you may not expect would be a great place for getting the top relationships and how to do it and get those all-important introductions.

Apr 19, 2017

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Scott Love who is the author of a great book called Why They Follow and How to Lead with Positive Influence. Scott says he shows managers how to be the boss that nobody will leave. The way he does that is by getting people to think about what’s the noble goal of your company. The more you get people to buy into that, the more they are willing to stay loyal to you. He talks about three things that you need to ask people before you hire them. Then he also talks about the three core areas of success, which are influence, resilience, and achievement. He really gives insights to everybody who’s looking for the way to get the best talent to join your team and stay there. He talks about something called emotional equity that you are going to want to be sure to find out what it is and how to use it. Enjoy the episode.

Apr 12, 2017

Today's guest on The Successful Pitch is Karla Nelson, who has created ten rules for business based on her five-year-old. It is absolutely adorable, memorable, and actionable. She said, "Startups don't die from a lack of good ideas. They die from indigestion and giving up." She said, "Productivity is not activity. You need to be really focused and have a strategy on how to get these relationships with investors to actually pay off. It's not just about having conversations with people without a strategy in place." Finally, she said that, "The death of entrepreneurs is solitude. It's so important to collaborate and get help." Enjoy the episode.

Apr 5, 2017

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Mark Sears, the CEO and founder of Cloud Factory. Mark turned a two-week vacation to Nepal into a six-year journey creating his startup. He’s raised over $7 million in multiple rounds of funding and takes us through the journey of just how he did it. He said, “When you see the world as flat, you can then build your brand globally. They key is punch above your weight limit.” In other words, get top talent. When you have a culture that defines your why, your passion, your mission attracts the top-T people to join your team and that’s really what investors are looking for when they give you funding. Enjoy the episode.

Mar 29, 2017

Today’s guest is Josh Elledge, who is an expert in public relation and pitching yourself to get on television and get media exposure. Investors love to see start-ups that have some publicity because it shows some traction and some social proof. He said, “You need to be more transparent and authentic when you pitch yourself and bring value as a way to build trust.” If you want to get an investor to trust you, bring value. If you want to get a TV producer to trust you, bring value to them. He said the big framework is, “Who can I serve versus who can I sell.” That big distinction along with don’t be a “ME” monster is really just the tip of the iceberg of great things that you’re going to hear.

Mar 22, 2017

The Successful Pitch guest today is Michael Bungay Stanier who wrote a wonderful book called The Coaching Habit. He says, “If you explain too much, you provoke too little.” He said, “The goal is to stay curious longer and rush to advice slower when you’re coaching people on your startup team.” He said, “If you don’t know what your trigger is to break a habit, then you can’t change it.” That, “45% of our waking time is spent on habits.” If you really want to change the way you coach people on your team and get coached by investors, you need to learn to break those automatic responses that you have of trying to fix everything. One key question he talks about is called the AWE question. Find out if that’s literally the most important question you can ask someone on your team.

Mar 15, 2017

Welcome to The Successful Pitch. Today’s guest is Mitch Kusy, who’s the author of the Toxic Workplace. He said, “Toxic people only thrive in a toxic system.” He has a great way of identifying who’s toxic. He said they tend to be people who kiss up or kick down and that there’s three different ways of being a toxic person without even knowing it.

One is you humiliate or shame somebody. The other is you sabotage them through passive - aggressive behavior. The third way is you just are a mean person, who doesn’t seem to care. It’s all about, is your intent to prove the person right or is it your intent to get that person to improve? It’s really a fascinating look at how important it is as a startup to make sure you don’t have a toxic person in your workplace because it spreads, also that you don’t take on an investor who is toxic.

Mar 8, 2017

Today’s guest in The Successful Pitch is John Chisholm, the author of Unleash Your Inner Company. He has such an impressive background from MIT and Harvard and has coached thousands of entrepreneurs on how to be successful. He shares his secrets with us today. In fact, he said, “Passion is an attitude but perseverance is a behavior.” He does a deep dive into the psychology of growing your mind from the inside out. He really shares what he looks forward to when he hears a pitch as an investor. You’re going to get a lot of value on learning what it takes to reduce the risks by hitting certain milestones and showing an upside potential so that your pitch becomes irresistible. Enjoy.

Mar 1, 2017

Today's guest on The Successful Pitch is Jessica Rhodes who is the founder of Interview Connections. She's an entrepreneur that found a niche of helping people get booked on podcasts as a guest. She also helps podcast hosts find the best guest. She talks about how she figured out that that was what she was really passionate about. When she had her why, she took off. People really know that they can trust Jessica to find them the right guest, very similar to how investors trust Judy Robinett and I to find them the right startups to put in front of them to hear a good pitch.

Feb 22, 2017

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is none other than Kevin Harrington, one of the original judges on Shark Tank. If anybody knows what it takes to have a good pitch, it’s Kevin Harrington. He’s literally heard over 50,000 pitches in the many years he’s been doing this, from listening to pitches for infomercials to listening to pitches on Shark Tank. He has a really great key here which is that, “Consistency is the ultimate motivational tool.” He said, “When you’re out there, you need to show the investors how they’re going to get their money back.” He gives an example of exactly the kind of pitch he would like to hear in order to get him to say yes. He said, “You need to test before you invest.” He gives us great insights into what a magical transformation is that he is looking for when he hears a pitch. Enjoy the episode.

Feb 15, 2017

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch podcast is Manny Fernandez, who you might have seen on television CNBC’s Make Me a Millionaire Inventor. He was named the 2014 San Francisco Angel Investor of the Year. He shares with us how he had a successful exit, and the three things he’s looking for when he hears you pitch. Number one is of course, the team, and why you’re able to execute your idea. Number two, is how large is this market, because without a large market, there’s no return on investment for the investor. Finally, are you early in the market, in other words, it’s too late to be the next Uber. Enjoy the episode.

Feb 8, 2017

Today’s guest on The Successful Pitch is Jim Palmer, who is the author of several books, the most recent one being on the power of decision, and he has a special offer for people at the end of the episode, where he shows you a link that you can actually get the book for free. Be sure to listen to that. He said, “If you want to be successful, you need to be a good listener to find out what problems there are to solve out there." And, "Under promise and over deliver to keep your customer’s happy and with you all the time. That’s how you keep customer’s sticking to you like glue." Finally, he said, “Delegate or stay small forever.”

Feb 1, 2017

Jay Goth is a fund manager here in the Los Angeles area. He talks about how being direct and specific can get you to a yes or a no in 30 seconds rather than waiting 30 days for an answer. He shares a lot of tips on how to pitch whether for a startup or for a fund. He also shares the exciting things happening in the biotech startup industry, showing that when science meets tech, lives are saved.

Jan 25, 2017

In today's episode, we talk about how to be successful with a new startup company in a new country with no connections, which our guest, Susan Kish, has done. Susan Kish is working on her own startup, is working inside large companies, she's had successful exits, and she's raised money. She talks about not having to have an exit strategy for certain industries, the timeframe that inventors expect to make profit from their investment, and so much more. Enjoy the episode.

Jan 18, 2017

Today's guest is Dr. Robert Cialdini who has spent his entire career researching the science of influencing and earning him an international reputation as an expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance and negotiation. His books including Influence, Science and Practice are the result of decades of peer reviewed research on why people comply with request. Influence has sold an impressive three million plus copies. It's a New York Time's Bestseller and it's been published in over, get this, 30 languages. His new book Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade is now becoming a Wall Street Journal and New York Time's Bestseller as well because of this worldwide recognition, his cutting edge scientific research and his ethical business and policy applications. He's frequently regarded as "the godfather of influence".

Jan 11, 2017

Today's guest is John Warrillow. He has a value builders system that creates a score on whether your company can sell and for how much. The key factors that he look for when he funds a startup is that the founder has humility, resilience and discipline. He looks to hear a story of showing those attributes. Be sure to find out how he decides what valuation things he looks for when he's looking to decide whether he's going to fund a startup or not. There's wealth of information on how you need to know your numbers. Enjoy the episode.

Jan 4, 2017

Nathan Rose is from New Zealand but calls himself a digital nomad and lives all over Europe. He's written a new book on equity crowdfunding, not only for the US but multiple countries across the world. He also gives out a tool at the end to use for equity crowdfunding that you're want to be sure to listen to and start using right away. Nathan talks about how fund raising and marketing can be done simultaneously with equity crowdfunding. However, there are some downsides compared to Angel Investing and he goes into what those are.

Dec 28, 2016

In this episode, Tom & Tracy Hazzard talk about the latest ruling by the Supreme Court in Samsung v Apple and how it impacts people or a business that have a design patent, and their valuation.

Dec 19, 2016

Fred Campbell Interview

Episode Summary

Fred Campbell is a serial entrepreneur, and knows a thing or two about raising capital. In the early 90’s, he was having trouble raising funds for his e-card greeting network, but with enough persistence, grew rapidly and became a worldwide top-20 website, with 13 million registered users. Today, Fred is the CEO and co-founder of CrowdSmart, a platform that enables user-generated scores and reviews of startups by alumni, investors, and customers. Listen in to find out what it takes to raise $40 million in capital.

What Was Covered

  • 03:55 - Why did Fred wait 11 years to get his MBA?
  • 06:40 - What did Fred learn from growing his eGreeting business?
  • 11:00 - Are you worried someone will steal your secrets? Well, don’t be.
  • 12:50 - At the end of the day, it’s about the team that executes the idea, not the idea itself.
  • 17:00 - Fred admits he should have downsized Lexy, his company at the time, instead of seeking more capital for it.
  • 18:15 - What do investors look for in an entrepreneur?
  • 24:35 - Every entrepreneur needs to have a tagline that’s easy for every person — customer or not — to understand.
  • 30:15 - Try really hard to get negative feedback — it’ll make you better at raising capital.
  • 30:40 - With Scott’s latest venture at, how does he make money from this company, and how can founders join the platform?

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Fred on Linkedin

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